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727 N Church St, Rockford, IL 61103, United States

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American Red Cross - Rockford in Rockford is known for its wide range of training programs, including CPR classes for healthcare providers. However, their website has been described as lacking in functionality and needing improvement.

Reviews have highlighted inconsistencies in training materials, with discrepancies noted between the content of the training book, testing, and classroom videos. Additionally, there have been complaints of poor word choices in testing materials that may lead to confusion for participants.

One concerning aspect that has been brought to light is the organization's stance on accommodating individuals with disabilities. Reports indicate that requests for adjustments, such as having a mannequin on a table instead of the floor due to a physical injury or disability, were denied citing company rules. These incidents have led to accusations of discrimination and a lack of awareness of the Americans with Disabilities Act by staff members.

Furthermore, there have been comments about the unhelpful and dismissive responses from staff when faced with concerns or requests for supervisor contact. Reviewers have expressed disappointment in the organization's handling of issues and suggested that there is a need for company-wide education on ADA laws and accommodations for participants.

Despite these challenges, American Red Cross - Rockford has been commended for its mission to provide aid and training to the community. The facility itself has been described as inviting and the staff as helpful and knowledgeable. Additionally, the organization has received praise for promptly addressing and resolving issues that may arise during blood donations or training sessions.

In conclusion, while American Red Cross - Rockford offers valuable services and training opportunities, potential participants may want to consider the reported organizational and accessibility issues before engaging with the organization.

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