Nursing License Lookup - Idaho CNA Registry

License Lookup Information

To verify a nurse's license in Idaho, individuals can use the nurse license lookup tool available through the Idaho Board of Nursing website. This tool helps to ensure that a nurse possesses a valid license and meets the professional standards required in Idaho. Here’s how you can perform a nurse license lookup:

Step-by-Step Instructions for Nurse License Lookup in Idaho:

  1. Visit the Idaho Board of Nursing Website: Access the official website for the Idaho Board of Nursing. The site is typically under the purview of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare or a similar regulatory authority.

  2. Find the License Verification Section: Look for a section titled ‘License Verification’, ‘License Search’, or ‘Verify License’. This section is dedicated to the public to verify the credentials of healthcare professionals.

  3. Enter Search Criteria:

    • You can typically search by various criteria including the nurse’s name, license number, or other identifying information.
    • Input the necessary information into the appropriate fields. Be as precise as possible to ensure accurate results.
  4. Submit Your Search: Click on the search button to process your request. The system will then search the database for any matching records.

  5. Review the Results: After submitting your search, you will be presented with a list of professionals matching your search criteria. Click on the relevant entry to view more details about the nurse’s licensure status.

  6. Check Licensure Details: On the nurse’s detailed licensure page, you can verify important information such as license type, status (active, expired, or suspended), renewal dates, and any disciplinary actions or restrictions.

Important Regulations or Criteria Related to Nurse Licensure in Idaho:

  • Types of Licenses: Idaho offers various types of nursing licenses, such as Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). Each type has specific requirements and scopes of practice.

  • Renewal Requirements: Nurses in Idaho are required to renew their licenses periodically, usually every two years. This process typically requires continuing education and a renewal fee.

  • Disciplinary Actions: The Idaho Board of Nursing has the authority to take disciplinary action against licenses if a nurse violates state laws or the professional code of ethics. This can affect the status of a nurse’s license.

  • Compact State Participation: Idaho is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), which allows nurses to hold one license but practice in other compact member states without needing additional licenses.

Using the nurse license lookup tool is a straightforward way to verify that a nurse is legally licensed to practice in Idaho. It serves as an essential check for employers, patients, and other stakeholders who rely on the professionalism and qualifications of healthcare providers.

Registry Information

In Idaho, individuals can access the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) registry online to verify the status of a CNA's certification. This registry is a crucial resource for employers and the public to confirm that a CNA has met the state’s certification requirements and maintains an active status. Here’s how to verify a CNA’s certification status in Idaho:

Accessing the Idaho CNA Registry

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare's official website. This department oversees the CNA registry in Idaho.

  2. Navigate to the CNA Registry Section: Look for a section dedicated to the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) registry. This might be under the ‘licensing’ or ‘certifications’ tab.

  3. Search Feature: Use the search feature provided on the site. You will need to enter specific information about the CNA whose certification you are verifying, such as their name or certification number.

  4. View Certification Details: Once you enter the necessary information, the registry will display the certification details including the CNA's name, certification number, status, and expiration date.

Additional Details and Procedures Unique to Idaho's CNA Registry

  • Certification Renewal: CNAs in Idaho must renew their certification every two years. It is important for CNAs to maintain their certification by completing the required in-service or continuing education hours and by submitting the renewal application on time.

  • Transfer and Reciprocity: Idaho allows for reciprocity, meaning CNAs certified in other states may apply to be placed on the Idaho registry without redoing the training program, provided they meet certain conditions and complete an application for reciprocity.

  • Testing and Training: To become a certified CNA in Idaho, individuals must complete a state-approved training program and pass the Idaho CNA competency examination.

  • Public Protection: The registry also serves as a tool to protect the public by providing a means to file complaints against CNAs and by allowing users to check any disciplinary actions taken against a CNA.

Using the Idaho CNA registry is straightforward and ensures that only qualified individuals are employed as CNAs within the state, supporting a high standard of care and compliance with state health regulations.

State-Specific Regulations

In Idaho, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and nurses must adhere to specific requirements and regulations managed primarily by the Idaho Board of Nursing and the Department of Health and Welfare, which oversees CNA certification.

For Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs):

  1. Education and Training: CNAs in Idaho must complete a state-approved training program. These programs typically involve at least 120 hours of training, including both classroom and clinical instruction.

  2. Certification Exam: After completing the training program, candidates must pass the Idaho CNA competency examination, which includes both written and skills components.

  3. Registry: Successful candidates are then listed on the Idaho CNA Registry. This registry is maintained by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and is essential for employment as it serves as proof of the CNA’s certification.

  4. Renewal: CNA certifications in Idaho need to be renewed every two years. This requires the submission of proof that the CNA has worked a minimum of eight hours in a certified role during the previous 24 months.

For Nurses (LPNs and RNs):

  1. Education: Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) in Idaho must graduate from an approved nursing education program. RNs generally require a more extensive education, ranging from a professional nursing degree to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

  2. NCLEX Examination: After completing their educational requirements, both LPNs and RNs must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) corresponding to their license level (NCLEX-PN for LPNs and NCLEX-RN for RNs).

  3. Licensure by Endorsement: If a nurse is already licensed in another state, they can apply for licensure by endorsement in Idaho, provided they meet the state’s licensing requirements.

  4. Continuing Education: Idaho requires RNs and LPNs to participate in continuing education as part of the license renewal process, which occurs every two years. The specific requirements for continuing education can vary, so nurses should refer to the Idaho Board of Nursing for detailed guidelines.

Recent Updates:

While regular updates to training and licensing criteria do occur, specific changes should be verified through Idaho’s official nursing and health care administering bodies. Changes might concern updates in educational curricula, adjustments in certification renewal practices, or modifications to exam structures in response to healthcare advancements or legislative revisions.


For the most accurate and up-to-date information:

  • Idaho Board of Nursing: The main site you would visit for regulations, applications for licensure, and renewal processes. You can access it here.

  • Idaho Department of Health and Welfare: This site would be particularly beneficial for CNAs for information regarding training, certification, and registry status. Visit their official page.

These resources can provide comprehensive details and updates about the respective requirements and new changes applicable to CNAs and nurses in Idaho.