Nursing License Lookup - Massachusetts CNA Registry

License Lookup Information

In Massachusetts, verifying the license of a nurse is an important process for ensuring that healthcare professionals meet the state's regulatory requirements. This verification can be done easily through the Massachusetts Health Profession License Verification site. Here’s how to use the tool to verify a nurse's license:

Steps to Verify a Nurse's License in Massachusetts:

  1. Access the Verification Site:

    • Visit the Massachusetts Health Profession License Verification website. This site is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Health.
  2. Search by License Number or Name:

    • You can look up a nurse's license either by using the nurse's license number or their full name. If you do not have the license number, enter the first and last name of the nurse.
  3. Select the Profession:

    • Since you are looking up a nurse, select 'Nursing' from the list of professions in the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter Details:

    • Input the relevant details in the search fields either for the license number or the name.
  5. Complete the CAPTCHA:

    • Fill out the CAPTCHA challenge to prove that you are not a robot.
  6. Initiate the Search:

    • Click on the search button to view the results.
  7. Review the Results:

    • You will see a list of names or a single profile depending on the specificity of your search data. Click on the desired name to view more detailed information about the nurse’s license status.
  8. Check License Details:

    • On the nurse’s profile page, you can review details including the license type, status (active, expired, or suspended), expiration date, and other relevant information.

Key Regulations and Criteria Related to Nurse Licensure in Massachusetts:

  • Education and Examination: Every nurse must have completed an approved nursing education program and passed a licensing examination, typically the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination).

  • Renewal: Nursing licenses in Massachusetts must be renewed periodically, typically every two years. Nurses are required to complete continuing education during each renewal period.

  • Good Standing: A nurse must maintain good standing, with no ongoing disciplinary actions or suspensions that impact their licensure status.

  • Specialty Certifications: For certain nursing specialties, additional certifications may be required, which should also be verified if applicable.

Using the license verification tool is essential for employers, patients, and other nurses to ensure that the nursing professionals practicing in Massachusetts comply with state standards and maintain the necessary qualifications and good standing required for the provision of healthcare services.

Registry Information

To access the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Registry in Massachusetts and verify the status of a CNA’s certification, follow these detailed steps:

Accessing the Massachusetts CNA Registry

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) oversees the CNA Registry, ensuring that CNAs meet state regulations and maintain their certification status. There is an online system available for verification purposes.

Steps to Verify a CNA’s Certification in Massachusetts:

  1. Visit the Online Portal:

    • Access the Health Care Worker Registry website provided by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services. You may need to search specifically for the CNA registry section.
  2. Search by Information:

    • You can enter the CNA's name or certification number into the search fields. Complete the requested information accurately to ensure a successful search.
  3. Review the Results:

    • Upon entering the information, details about the CNA, such as certification status (active, expired, etc.), expiration date, and any disciplinary actions, will appear. This helps employers or concerned parties verify the CNA’s qualifications and compliance with state standards.

Additional Information and Requirements for the Massachusetts CNA Registry:

  • Certification Renewal:

    • In Massachusetts, a CNA must renew their certification every two years. The renewal process typically requires proof of employment as a CNA for a minimum number of hours over the previous certification period.
  • Employment Requirement:

    • To maintain active status, a CNA must provide services for pay under the supervision of a nurse at a licensed facility or agency. This work must be performed during the two years preceding the renewal.
  • Regulatory Oversight:

    • The Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry is managed under the regulations and guidelines of the state’s health department. They ensure CNAs meet federal and state training and competency standards.
  • Address Changes:

    • CNAs are required to report any changes of address to the registry to maintain accurate and current records for communication purposes.

Utilizing the Massachusetts CNA Registry is crucial for employers and the public to verify the certification and qualifications of nursing assistants. It ensures that CNAs working in healthcare settings are properly certified and have met all necessary regulatory requirements.

State-Specific Regulations

In Massachusetts, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and nurses are required to adhere to specific regulations and meet certain requirements to obtain and maintain their professional licenses. Here’s a breakdown of these requirements and resources for more information.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)


  1. Education: Prospective CNAs must complete a state-approved nurse aide training program, which typically involves at least 100 hours of training, including classroom instruction and clinical practice.

  2. Examination: After completing the training, candidates must pass the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation, which includes both a written (or oral) exam and a skills demonstration component.

  3. Registry: Successful candidates are then listed in the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry, a requirement for employment in long-term care settings.


  • CNAs in Massachusetts need to renew their certification every two years.
  • They are required to have worked at least 8 hours as a paid nurse aide over the past 24 months to be eligible for renewal.

Nurses (RN and LPN)


  1. Education: RN applicants must complete an approved nursing program (ASN/ADN or BSN). LPNs are required to complete a state-approved LPN program.

  2. NCLEX Examination: Applicants must pass the NCLEX-RN for Registered Nurses or NCLEX-PN for Practical Nurses.

  3. Licensure by Endorsement: Nurses licensed in another jurisdiction can apply for licensure by endorsement, provided they meet Massachusetts’ standards.

  4. Criminal Background Check: All applicants are required to undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check.


  • Massachusetts nursing licenses must be renewed every two years.
  • Nurses are required to complete continuing education units (CEUs) for license renewal, though specific requirements can vary.

Recent changes and updates:

  • There have been updates in how CEUs are managed, with more online opportunities which have been significant during recent times.
  • Adaptations were made in response handling procedures for licensure and renewals due to external challenges, focusing on streamlining online processing.

Official Resources:

For the most accurate and detailed information, official state resources should be consulted:

These resources are essential to ensure compliance with state regulations and to access the most current and detailed information about the certification and licensure process for CNAs and nurses in Massachusetts.